Our ever-evolving mission is to provide the finest in medical care through our medical products and technology in order to protect and nurture these precious, tiny lives.

For generations of mankind, the birth of new life has been and continues to be the greatest event. Since the development of the first infant incubator in Japan, Atom Medical has sought to make the maximum contribution to this wondrous happening.
We are committed to the protection and development of new life through cutting edge technology and corporate commitment.
Atom Medical is advancing in its dedication to progress in medical science.

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Atom Infa Warmer Model V505
From the delivery room to NICU
Meets a wide range of needs with substantial functions.

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Atom Infant Incubator Model V2100g
Thermal control, Dual-safety system, Dual-channel skin temperature display, Servo-humidity control, Oxygen controller, Infant's weigh monitoring; Sensor module provided with a large alarm lamp. Options & supplies: Atom infant weighing scale, Crank type IV pole, Drawer, Safety flow, Printer, Patient circuit introduction holder, Tube holder, Neo sheets, Mattress sheet, Baby card, Atom feeding syringe holder, Connecting cable, Oxygen sensor, Silvita, Access port cover, F-6E Electrostatic filter

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